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A year older but not necessarily a year wiser…

I turned 17 a few days ago, and while I was super excited about my birthday, I wasn’t exactly warming up to the fact that I was growing a year older. What I’d give to remain 16 – young and carefree.

As I grow a year older, I look back on the year I spent being 16 and what I look forward to in this coming year.

Being 16 marked the beginning of my senior high school career; I was starting the IB program, but most importantly I was beginning my journey to college. Now was the time to consider the program I wanted to do, the universities I wanted to go to and the steps I had to take to get into the college(s) of my choice.

But, being 16 wasn’t only about all my academic work. I had some great times with my friends; I got to go to HMUN with my squad, have an epic sleepover, eat some great food, go to a rocking concert and marathon movies.

We’re a group of six and let me tell you that I’ve had some of the best times with them. High school, especially the IB program, has been such an enjoyable experience because of them. When I grow older and look back on my high school years, some of my most definitive memories will be with them. We have one last year together and it kind of scares me to think that we’ll be in different places almost a year from now.

And yes, almost a year from now I will be getting ready to go to college and start a new part of my life.

When I turned 17, the first thing I thought of was that I was going on a journey that would lead me to a new experience; one that is exhilarating, one that is new, one that means freedom, one that means knowledge.

For me, being 17 means a step towards freedom and knowledge and another four years of my life that I will not forget. Being 17 means my senior year of high school with my best friends and making some more amazing memories.

When I look back on my time being 16, I made a few mistakes, but ones I do not regret because turning 17 meant I’d get another chance to learn from my mistakes and not make the same ones again; that’s what growing’s all about, isn’t it? Learning from your mistakes. And that is what I hope to do this coming year.



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