t h r e e

It is officially the end of August, and the end of an action packed month. This month was crazy with it being back to school, dance rehearsals, SAT and camp.

The highlight of this month was camp; it was tiring and exhausting yet so much fun! It was also my last camp because of senior year. When we were packing up and getting ready to leave on Thursday, it was sad because I’d never be able to experience the mixed emotions of camp again. And then it hit me that I was in senior year and a lot of things I’d be doing were for the last time. It was a sad moment because I only know how to be a high schooler and I don’t want to go anywhere else.

So, back to camp. I loved my group, well atleast the girls, the guys in my group were so bitchy, let’s not bother with them. I only had one friend from my group amongst the 41 others who were coming. We were segregated into smaller sub-groups and so it was bye-bye for now.

But, if I have to be completely honest, being away from that one friend from my group gave me an opportunity to get to now the other girls in my group. I loved all of them and we were like one big girl gang.

Our group trainer was a completely different story. He looked like a G.I. Joe action figure, which is totally cool because G.I. Joe is badass. Anyways, I remember we were doing archery and our trainer was standing in front of me and one of my group friends, and she leans over and quietly says in my ear, “Doesn’t he look like G.I. Joe to you?” And to be completely honest, he did. He was like a life-sized G.I. Joe action figure with the short stature, the broad build, the clothing, the combat boots, the hair and even the aviators. So he became G.I. Joe for the rest of camp and sometimes it took us girls a few moments to remember his actual name because we were so used to calling him his nickname.

At the end of camp, we went up to him to tell him about his nickname because we girls promised each other we’d tell him before we left. He was quite taken aback at first but we told him we meant it in a good way and now he can’t forget us because we called him G.I. Joe.

Other than camp, I’ve had rehearsals and SAT and school and all the other normal stuff. I’m really looking forward to next month because I have my performance, and I get to wear a saree for Teachers’ Day.

On a side note, I read five books this month. I read City of Glass and City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, The Fugitive by John Grisham and Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella (review will be up soon).

I shall see you soon with more happenings in my life. Until then, have a great morning, afternoon or night wherever in the world you may be.

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