s e v e n

Yo! Happy February! Can you believe it’s already February?

February – the month of love. But for me it is the month of Friends, pizza and reading. Never was a huge believer in Valentines Day.

January was a busy month; school started again, lots and lots of IB submissions and my dance performance. It was a good month – productive and action-packed. 

I also found out that I got into UMass Amherst, so one more college ticked off the list. It’s a good feeling. Spring break is the real thing though because that’s when all my college decisions come out, and I’m terrified. 

Once school began after winter break, the senioritis really kicked in. There are three months before we graduate, and getting through these three months is requiring a lot more effort than I realized. School is such a drag and I do not have it in me to keep going. 

However, to keep me, and the rest of the grade motivated, we’ve all been planning for the Goa graduation trip which has become a tradition. There is also prom planning, and I’ve been looking for a prom dress to upstage all other prom dresses – the mother of prom dresses. But alas! I am yet to find one. 

I am very proud of myself because I was able to read two of the three books I wanted for my January TBR but I still ran past City of Heavenly Fire, and started a different book instead. I will breakdown my January reading and February TBR in two separate posts. 

On the TV front, I made lots of progress. I finished Daredevil; the show is amazing, and I loved it. However, I did not love it as much as I loved Jessica Jones. Daredevil did not have the same lasting impact that Jessica Jones had. The backstory was also complicated; it was a little hard to keep up at first but I got it in the end. This is the complete opposite of Jessica Jones which had a more simpler, more personal story line. The bad guy, Wilson Fisk, was not as badass as Kilgrave from Jessica Jones, but Fisk’s right-hand man, James Wesley, was an absolute winner. (Spoiler!) He dies, which made me super sad because I really liked how badass he was, but they all die, don’t they? But, my favorite part of the show was obviously Matt Murdock, who’s a blind lawyer by day, but blind crime-fighting vigilante by night. His fighting skills are so amazing, that sometimes I’d forget he was blind. It also helped that he was hot! Long story short, I really liked the show and the next season starts next month which I’m super excited for. 

I also started Shadowhunters on Netflix. Great show! Not a letdown like the movie. Some things are obviously not in the books but I actually like these changes. I particularly love the cast! The show cast is so much better than the movie cast. It also moved very quickly which is good, thereby doing justice to Cassie’s writing. 

February is the shortest month, and hopefully it goes by quickly. I’ll be spending this whole month submitting all of my IB subject requirements, and studying for my mocks that start 1st of March. These mocks are so important because they’re a tentative indicator of how I’ll do in my actual boards.

Let’s pray this month goes well. See you on the other side! 


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