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Reading slumps are the bane of my existence, and if you are a reader, they are probably the bane of your existence too. I was recently in a reading slump and I thought I’d share my experience with you guys and also share some tips to get out of one.

So, reading slumps can happen anywhere anytime. It sometimes happens after you’ve read a book, while you’re reading a book or even before you’ve read a book. In my case, it happened while I was reading a book. This book, we all know, was City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. The middle of the book got a little slow and began to drag and I got bored and four months later I was still struggling.

Obviously it sucked during this time because I was unable to motivate myself to read any book though I tried my hardest (my TBRs and Wrap-Ups are a true testament). It actually got to a point where I forced myself to read the book and would scold myself in my head for being so useless that I couldn’t finish a damn book.

I eventually got around to finishing the book and I was pretty proud of myself *pats self on back*. After I re-started the book and began to enjoy it again, I flew through it and have really been in the reading mood.

If you’re in a reading slump, it sucks, I know, I’ve been there. But, I don’t want you to suffer so I decided to share a few tips of my own.

These are my tips and what I do to get myself out of a slump and they may not work for you. But definitely give them a try and see how things work out.

  1. My first tip is to not read the same book. Depending on the intensity of your reading slump, you can take a break from reading. Do not force yourself to read the book you’ve been struggling with. I did that initially because I didn’t want to ruin the book for myself. But if your reading slump begins to get as bad mine was, make a concious effort to motivate yourself to read because you don’t want to be stuck in a reading slump forever.
  2. My second tip is to read a simple, quick book. Read a book that has an easy plotline to follow and is not too content-heavy. It’ll get you reading but it won’t be heavy like the fantasy book you’re reading, or whatever else you’re reading. I do this in between fantasy and other heavier books to avoid getting into a slump so that I’m still reading but I’m not loading book after book onto my brain that it just short-circuits and screams “No!”.
  3. My third tip is to take a break. If you can feel a slump coming on, or you find yourself getting bored, take a break. Take a walk, listen to some music, take a shower, watch some Netflix. Do anything that will take your mind off the book and will allow you to return fresh to the book.
  4. My fourth tip is to re-organize your bookshelf. I actually did this the first day of spring break to get myself in the reading mood again. Coming up with creative ways to organize my books and looking through all the titles I had just made me want to get reading again.
  5. My fifth and final tip is find ways to motivate yourself to read. For me, this means watching videos of my favorite BookTubers, reading book blogs, going on to Goodreads and exploring recommendations, loading up my Amazon cart, or just visitng a bookstore. I find visiting a bookstore to be very therapeutic. I like to grab myself some Starbucks and then pay a visit to my nearest bookstore. I don’t buy any books but just the solitude and silence of the bookstore, and the shelves on shelves of books just motivate me and get me in the reading mood. Simply put, surround yourself with books.

These are my tips and tricks to get out of reading slump, or to prevent a slump from occurring. Let me down below some of your tips and tricks, and if you do decide to try these tips out, let me know how they work out for you.

Also, if you liked this post, let me know because I have a lot of other tips and tricks about other topics like time management that I’d love to share.

Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Reading Slumps | Book-ish Experience

  1. These are great tips to get out of a reading slump! I’m currently kind of in one because I’m incredibly busy with schoolwork, so books don’t appeal to me as much as they should now. I’m doing your rule #2 now and reading a lighter book so that it’s easier to get through. Great post!

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