TMI vs. TID Tag

For those of you who don’t know, TMI: The Mortal Instruments and TID: The Infernal Devices. They are both very popular series written by Cassandra Clare, set in the Shadowhunter World. If you have not read either, please be careful, as there are spoilers. 

As you all know, I recently finished The Mortal Instruments and I’d seen this tag on YouTube and it seemed really interesting because both of these series are very close to my heart, so I decided to do this tag to see how they’d compare.

  1. Favorite Main Character: Tessa or Clary? I’d have to go with Tessa Gray because The Infernal Devices was the first series by Cassandra Clare that I’d read so Tessa will always have a special place in my heart. Also, even though Clary and Tessa are the same age in both of their respective first books, Tessa seemed a lot more mature to me than Clary did.
  2. Favorite Herondale: Will or Jace? Will Herondale, without a doubt. Even though Jace comes from the same lineage, and they are literally the same with the attitude, the cockiness, the narcissism, the I-won’t-talk-about-my-feelings, the unreasonable good looks, the sarcasm/witty one-liners and the intensity with which they love, I have to choose Will.
  3. Favorite Love Triangle: Tessa/Will/Jem or Simon/Clary/Jace? I have to choose Tessa/Will/Jem because we all know Simon had no chance in the face of Clary’s and Jace’s relationship, even though theirs was super complicated. I didn’t like Jem and Tessa, but I think we have to accept that she loved both Will and Jem equally, though I am a Wessa shipper.
  4. Better Villian: Sebastian or The Magister? The Magister, duh. I think The Magister’s story was a lot more complex and well-written than Sebastian’s. Plus, The Magister had been plotting his revenge for 30 years so I have to commend him for his commitment.
  5. Better Army: The Dark Army or The Clockwork Army? The Dark Army because I loved reading about the good Shadowhunters turn rogue, and it challenged the whole premise of being a Shadowhunter.
  6. Better First Book: City of Bones or Clockwork Angel? Clockwork Angel because I hated City of Bones for that plot twist at the end. Also because by the time Cassandra Clare wrote Clockwork Angel, she’d written the first three books in The Mortal Instruments so her writing had gotten so much better and she was so much more comfortable writing in the Shadowhunter World.
  7. Better Female Sidekick: Cecily Herondale or Isabelle Lightwood? Isabelle because she is bad-ass, and also, because she was a main character throughout the series, I feel like I know her better than Cecily.
  8. Better Setting: The New York Institute or The London Institute? The London Institute. I don’t even have a reason why. I just prefer it over The New York Institute.
  9. Better Last Book: City of Heavenly Fire or Clockwork Princess? Clockwork Princess because we all know how I struggled with CoHF.
  10. Better Final Epilogue: City of Heavenly Fire or Clockwork Princess? The epilogue in Clockwork Princess had me in tears, and I still go back and read it. Also, if I’m being completely honest, I can’t even remember CoHF’s epilogue.

The Infernal Devices won 8-2, which is honestly not even surprising because I’d pick The Infernal Devices over The Mortal Instruments any day. 

That’s it for this tag! I had a lot of fun doing this and kind of analyzing the reasons behind my choices. I’m not going to tag anyone in particular, but if this tag seems interesting to you, go ahead, but don’t forget to tag me so I can see your choices as well!

I’ll see you guys soon with another post! 🙂


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