e l e v e n

May has by far been the busiest month this year! I spent the first two weeks studying my butt off for my finals, and then it was summer after that! Three days after finals were over I had prom, which was a great experience! This prom wasn’t an official school event so it was more of a farewell party organized by us for us. After prom, we had our senior class trip to Goa which has been the trip of my life so far.

Goa was the experience of a lifetime because we got to spend a lot of time with the rest of the grade just hanging out, partying and cutting loose after all the stress of the IB program. Goa was also a very nostalgic and emotional trip because we did think a lot about our memories with each other in the past two years, and beyond that. Also, this was probably the last time we’d be together, at least for a while. I had the best time and by the end of the trip I was so not ready to leave. As much I’ll meet a lot of these people a few times over the course of the next two and a half months, it’ll never be the same as this trip. We should really plan a reunion!

So much has happened since finals got over that I cannot believe it’s only been two weeks since school was let out. It’s hard to believe that I’m no longer a high school student, and that I’m now a college student on the edge of a new journey, a journey that’ll shape me for the rest of my life.

Case Western has a checklist for me to complete in time for New Student Orientation and for the beginning of classes, and every time I do something, like submit a photo for my ID card or pick a dorm room, I get so excited for this new journey I’m about to embark on, but I also get a little anxious because it’ll be like starting all over again; new school, new faces, new friends, new place. I was at my school for ten years and I’d gotten so used to the school and the people and I’d made so many friends, and now adjusting to a new place seems a little alien to me, and because I haven’t done it in so long, I wonder how I’ll adjust this time around. And there’s the added factor of my parents not being around.

Well, I’ll stop rambling on about college and just cherish my time that I have. I am so used to spending my summer working on submissions and stuff that I’ve gotten so bored. I don’t remember the last time I was this unproductive, and honestly, because I’ve always had something to do, being unproductive irritates me. I am hoping to get an internship this summer, hopefully doing some writing, reporting or researching, or working with social media. Also, because of all the time that I’ve got, I’m going to read like crazy! So many books to get to this summer, plus I started binge-watching new TV shows; I’ve started The Royals, Empire, The Vampire Diaries and a whole bunch of others on Netflix. There goes my internet.

Well, those are my plans for the summer! I will also be moving houses so I’ve got to start packing up and selling my old textbooks and some books I don’t really need to make place for new ones in the new house. Also, I think our family will be taking a trip to Bhutan and Nepal which sounds super awesome and exciting, so hopefully that happpens!

I hope you guys have an awesome June, and an awesome summer! What are your plans for the summer? Also, how many of you are incoming college freshmen?

I’ll see you guys soon with another post, until then, I hope you have an amazing morning, afternoon or night, wherever in the world you may be.


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