How to Start a New Genre | Thursday Tip Day

Hello! This week’s Thursday Tip Day is all about starting a new genre. As readers, we love to diversify and expand our reading options, even though we have preferred genres. I’ve been trying to start historical fiction, so I thought I’d share some tips on how to start a new genre.

  1. The first thing to do is do research. Read more about the genre and what it’s about, some popular books and what other people are saying about the genre. Doing research will give you more insight into what the genre is really about and whether or not the genre is actually for you.
  2. After doing research, pick your first book. Choose the book that you’d like to start off. Making this choice is important because this could make or break whether you read more or entirely give up this genre. It can be hard choosing a book; some people pick books that are a little more popular and more liked but there is a chance you may not like what everyone else likes. So make sure to pick the right book after a lot of research and reading a lot about what other people thought.
  3. After you’ve read the book, pen down your thoughts about the book. This will help you figure out what you liked and what you didn’t like. It’ll also help you understand how authors deal with specific plot points in this genre like romances, betrayals, or stuff like that, that sometimes is dealt with differently in different genres. By penning down your thoughts, it’ll help you decide whether you liked the book and the genre.
  4. One of the most important things to do is to experiment. If purely one genre is too much, then experiment with a mix. For example, if historical fiction is too much, try out historical romances or historical fantasy that incorporate elements from your favorite genres.

These are my tips to help you start a new genre! I hope these tips help! Let me know some of your tips, and also if you’ll be starting any new genres.

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As always, I will see you soon with another fun, bookish post, until then, I have you great morning, afternoon or night wherever in the world you may be.


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